What Makes Us Unique

h-braces.jpgWhen you step into Oasis Orthodontics, you will notice right away that we are not the typical orthodontic practice. We want you to feel like you are actually visiting an Oasis - a cool and refreshing change from the ordinary! Relax under the palm trees to the soothing sounds of our many Oasis waterfalls, enjoy the virtual aquarium, or enjoy the free
Wi- Fi. Our younger guests, as well as the young at heart, will enjoy the family friendly DVDs and the many children’s games in our kid’s corner. And everyone loves the free tropical slushies at every visit! We strive to make every visit to the Oasis a relaxing and enjoyable experience that you will look forward to repeating as we work together on improving your smile!

Beyond the fun, you will know that you have an orthodontic specialist caring for you or your child throughout treatment. An orthodontist must first receive his or her doctorate in general dentistry; the same as your family dentist. In addition, they must complete an additional two years of graduate training in their specialty – Orthodontics. Dr. Day has worked hard to gain the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the smile you are looking for.

At Oasis Orthodontics, we use the latest in digital technology for treatment planning to determine what is best for your individual needs. Our standards are high, using digital photos and digital X-rays, which minimize patient exposure and maximize the doctor’s ability to analyze and interpret the information.

We offer a variety of appliances from traditional to the latest looks and designs to suit our patients’ varied personalities, desires, and goals. Our choices include:

Stainless Steel: These traditional brackets show off your braces and the popular colored ties best!

Self-Ligating: These brackets have built-in sliding doors to hold the wires, lessening friction, shortening overall treatment time, and reducing the number of visits required to the orthodontist.

Clear: These tooth-colored brackets work the same as traditional stainless steel, but with a more esthetic look.

Invisalign®: These invisible appliances are like clear plastic retainers that are changed every two weeks. This  allows select patients to achieve a beautiful new smile without wearing traditional braces.

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